We were Guardians once, clad in armour forged from ancient steel, created to protect the Realms by the Orical, we’ve survived an ancient war between a great evil but those who fought in the war disappeared and overtime were tainted by the corruption which was spreading through the Realms. Now once more the Guardians are needed to fight the corruption.

The Corruption has been around for many years and was defeated in the ancient war however it has grown into some of the Guardians minds and tainted them and turned them against us, A whisper echoes across the Realms, She has summoned you to stand by her.

Helena will guide you, She has been sent by the Orical to rescue you from your slumber and give you the chance to defeat the Corruption, be prepared, The Corruption will do their best to overwhelm you and take over your mind, Helena will teach you how to unlock the powers inside you and show you, Your true potential.