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Feb 18, 2021
This thread is our Official Server Rules on our LividaCraft Server. Most rules can be found by doing /rules but that isn't very detailed. This thread explains more about the rules and what they mean.

These following rules are Global to all servers.

No Spamming or Typing in CAPS
Please don’t type random things with intentions of spamming. It may cause lag for individuals players. Typing in caps is annoying and may lead to misunderstandings. Refrain from doing so.

• No Advertising other Servers or Websites
The people behind LividaCraft Network have worked tirelessly for days and months for your enjoyment here on the server. Arrangements have been made for building, coding and plugins and were provided. Show respect and gratitude by avoiding promoting other servers with intentions of causing division and taking away our player base. Overall, it’s annoying and unprofessional. Promoting other websites will not be tolerated either.

No Swearing or Dirty Language
No one likes a sailor mouth. Be a good sport and avoid having a dirty, explicit language. It’s disgusting and will not be tolerated.

No Harassing or Threatening other players or staff
This is also considered as Cyberbullying. Here at Livida, we take it VERY seriously and will result in severe consequences! Don’t ever dare to do it even if it’s “for fun”. Simply NO.

No Hacks or X-ray related mods
No mods that will cause unfairness and disadvantage for others. Play fair, stick to the natural laws of Minecraft, All modifications are use at your own risk!

No Abusing from bugs or glitches.
Bugs and glitches are no surprise on servers. Please don’t use them for cheating. Be honest and inform bugs and glitches to the nearest staff member ASAP.

No Harassing Players/Staff
Nobody likes to be harassed or insulted. Wether if it’s “just for fun” or “self defense”. It’s not appropriate and it doesn’t make you the clown or comedian of the server.

No builds that are offensive or inappropriate
Never build or spell out anything that is offensive or inappropriate. Builds that glorify hate and discrimination against Race, Color, Religion, and or dirty jokes or sexually explicit material will NOT be tolerated.

Avoiding or Attempting to hide your inappropriate actions will result in Disciplinary Action.

Continuation of Violating Rules and Abusing will result in a permanent IP Ban all across our Network.

Overall, Have Fun Everyone!

Ban Punishments

Mute Punishments

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