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  1. TheLividaProject

    Hub release to the Public & Discord Syncing!

    We've released the Hub to the Public and added a way for Minecraft Accounts to be synced in our Discord Server ➤ Hub Realm Here's a look of the Hub. This Hub was built by our amazing Builder Chacon2015! ➤ Discord Syncing We've decided to implement this to our Server because it allows us to...
  2. TheLividaProject

    Forum Rules

    LividaCraft Network Forum Rules The LividaCraft Forums has been designed for you to post any suggestions you may have and to report players who may be breaking the rules, or any LividaCraft related topic, etc. However, like any other website or Minecraft server, Rules have been established for...
  3. TheLividaProject

    Official Server Rules

    This thread is our Official Server Rules on our LividaCraft Server. Most rules can be found by doing /rules but that isn't very detailed. This thread explains more about the rules and what they mean. These following rules are Global to all servers. • No Spamming or Typing in CAPS Please don’t...