Hub release to the Public & Discord Syncing!

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Feb 18, 2021

We've released the Hub to the Public and added a way for Minecraft Accounts to be synced in our Discord Server

Hub Realm
Here's a look of the Hub. This Hub was built by our amazing Builder Chacon2015!

bg (3).png

Discord Syncing
We've decided to implement this to our Server because it allows us to verify your ranks and Minecraft names, This is still in beta so if any issues occur please report it in the bugs section!

By linking your Minecraft Account with your Discord it'll allow you to join voice channels and talk to other players in text channels.

You can do this by typing /discord on the server which will give you a code and a link to our Discord server. Once you've joined please dm LividaCraft Sync#7660 which is our bot what syncs your accounts.
download (7).png

Right Click the bot and click on message
download (1) (1).png

Then type in the code what the message gave you.
download (2) (1).png

And now you're done you're officially part of the LividaCraft Discord Server!

If any issues occur please report them to the bugs section or email us at [email protected]

Without further ado, enjoy our Discord Server and have an amazing time!
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